Our 2JZ cylinder head's are built on experience and unmatched reliability. 

Check out our pocket port packages: the absolute perfect option when looking for a budget minded head package that will deliver for years.  

        Our HeadGames heads are known for their quick spooling capabilities with dyno graphs chock full of area under the curve.  We do this by going against the grain.  We utilize the factory size valves up to 1500whp!  We came to this conclusion not by mere thought, but by careful action.  We build heads that are 2000+whp capable with a 1mm oversized valve.  Do you really need it for half of that?  

      Our packages can be coupled with combustion chamber reshaping to aid in getting rid of any ugly detonation.  We offer a 1/2 inch stud modification, and clearancing for high-lift camshafts.