HeadGames Motorworks



       Whether your running a road race, drag race, or street race HeadGames can put a reliable head and cam package together for you!

       EJ20 guys looking to swap heads on a 2.5 block can choose our combustion chamber option! 

$300 chamber work- email us

we port the combustion chamber to not only match the 2.5 but also reshapE the chamber to rid it of any hot spots that can cause detonation.  Your tuner and your engine builder will thank you for it! 

This means more boost, more timing, and ultimately more power from your swap!!  

subi chambers can.jpg

         Our HeadGames Motorworks “Subi Packages” are built on experience and unmatched reliability.  Known as world renowned performers, making for the absolute perfect option when looking for a set of heads that will deliver for years.  Our HeadGames heads are known for their quick spooling capabilities with dyno graphs chock full of area under the curve.