Subaru Services:

 Have your own parts?  Our “Subi Services" start with a basic refresh, we offer our pocket port with bronze guides service, or go all out with our full race port!  

*labor only, parts not included (whp recommendations included on price sheet)

        Need your head repaired?  Call or email pictures of your head and see if we can help you today!   

       We do it all! We are a full service facility and can accommodate a wide variety of repairs.  Not all repairs are worth it.  From just cleaning your dirty to head to welding and installing seats.  Let us evaluate your needs.  Hit us up via email or phone to get a quote today.


Our HeadGames Motorworks “Subi Packages” are built on experience and unmatched reliability.  Known as world renowned performers, making for the absolute perfect option when looking for a set of heads that will deliver for years.  Our HeadGames heads are known for their quick spooling capabilities with dyno graphs chock full of area under the curve.  We do this by going against the grain.  The heads are rationally ported, with air speed in mind, and we utilize the factory size valves up to 1000whp!  We came to this conclusion not by mere thought, but by careful action.  We build heads that are 2000+whp capable with a 1mm oversized valve.  Do you really need it for half of that?  This package can be coupled with combustion chamber reshaping to aid in getting rid of an ugly detonation which makes the HeadGames Pocket Port 'R' Package the perfect choice for those looking to add a little oomph to your 2.5 swap. 

       Whether your running a road race, drag race, or street race HeadGames can put a reliable head and cam package together for you!

       Our HeadGames “Subi Race Port Package" consists of getting your heads disassembled, cleaned and inspected.  We knock the guides out and send the heads into the porting room to perform our porting magic.  We install bronze guides, and add our HeadGames trick valve job.  EJ20 guys looking to swap heads on a 2.5 block can choose our combustion chamber option, this entails porting the combustion chamber to not only match the 2.5 but also reshaping the chamber to rid it of any hot spots that can cause detonation.  Your tuner and your engine builder will thank you for it!  This means more boost, more timing, and ultimately more power from your swap!!The heads get lashed to the cams you supply or we can spec out cams for you!  The heads gets milled flat, and can be assembled with a variety of parts.  Depending on your budget and whp goals HeadGames has the right package for you!  Click on our options to choose which parts you would like installed in your head!  *other options include clearancing the head for 11mm+ lift cam lobes, larger stud modification 

*labor and parts only, cylinder head core not included


subi chambers can.jpg