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About Us

      HeadGames doesn't specialize in a specific engine.  We have domestic and import experience that makes us unmatched in the industry.  Whether you have a 3000 horsepower nitrous or turbo big block chevy, 2000 horsepower Toyota, or even a Suzuki quad we can offer customized performance airflow solutions for anything with wheels.

       HeadGames Motorworks was formed in the late 2001 race season.  It started out as a domestic cylinder head company, which instantly became a force to reckon with in the sport compact market. By combining the right equipment, human talent, and the right racers, over time we have created some of the best cylinder head and cam packages that can be found on the fastest Honda's, Toyota's, Nissan's, and Mitsubishi's on the planet!  

       We have reached this success through our passion and dedication to the craft, by investing many years on flow bench testing, dyno testing and most importantly on track testing.  Our valve job and port designs bring you state of the art technology for your street/strip or competitive racing application.


     We are always working to expand our product line, and improve what we've done. Look for more great things to come!!